Sport Leadership

The Sport Leadership track is designed to provide our students a well-rounded selection of classes to introduce them to the functions most often cited by sports executives as necessary for entry-level jobs. These classes include sales, analytics, marketing, customer service, event management, as well as leadership and communication classes. Students can also choose from a set of electives in management, accounting, finance, law and business communication in order to easily add the business minor as well. Individual work and group projects involving professional organization are included in classes to provide students leadership, project management and communication experience above and beyond what students obtain in the required internships for the major. Our goal is to make students as prepared as possible for initial entry-level jobs, and with the leadership and project skills, ultimately create fast track potential for our students on the business side of professional sports.

Program Learning Outcomes for the BA Degree with a Major in Sport Management and a Major Concentration in Sport Leadership

Upon completing the BA Degree with a major in Sport Management and a major concentration in Sport Leadership, students will be able to:

  1. Apply a diverse set of fundamental principles and skills, including skills in business, finance, and marketing that would be necessary to produce or evaluate an event from beginning to end (from marketing and media promotion, to budget and sales, to execution and post-event evaluation).
  2. Utilize critical thinking skills in analyzing sport management issues as well as in managerial planning and decision making.
  3. Communicate, at an elite level, both orally and in writing.
  4. Describe the concepts of morality and theories of ethics as they apply to sport.
  5. Produce a marketing plan specific to product in the sport industry.
  6. Develop and hone professional skill through classroom learning and experiential learning through a steady progression of internships with added responsibilities.