Internship Expectations

  • All Sport Management internships will be in the sport industry (except for very rare exceptions and only with the approval of the Chair of the Department of Sport Management).
  • Students must have an internship secured prior to enrolling in SMGT 376 or 377. Students can register for SMGT 376 or SMGT 377 after securing a Special Registration form from Professor Tom Stallings, who oversees the internship program.
  • The spirit of the Sport Management internship is that students will receive no more than 6 credit hours of internship while at Rice.
  • SMGT 379, the internship class with variable credit, should be used by Sport Management faculty very infrequently and for special circumstances only. SMGT 379 is not designed to allow a student to take 9, 12, or 15 credit hours of internship during their academic career.
  • A 3-credit hour internship requires a minimum of 150 working hours over the course of the semester. Each credit hour equals 50 working hours.
  • Previous work experience cannot be used towards the completion of a student's working hours.
  • Students must complete SMGT 260 (Introduction to Sport Management) & SMGT 276 (Sport Management Practicum) prior to enrolling in SMGT 376 or SMGT 377.
  • Students planning on enrolling in SMGT 376 or SMGT 377 are encouraged to meet with Professor Tom Stallings during the semester prior to their internship in order to discuss plans.
  • As part of their internship, students will be required to submit 20+ assignments during the course of the semester.