Sport Law

Hello and Welcome to the Sport Law Concentration (SPLW) Website!!!

There is so much happening in sport law in the United States and across the world. Situations dealing with players rights (e.g. “taking a knee”, student-athlete as employees, game penalties), player-agent contracts, transfer of players, NCAA, foul-ball injuries to fans, sport organization policies, image rights and many more, all have some basis in law. Therefore, it is important to develop students who can take on the challenge of this very dynamic area at all levels; whether you are interested in attending law school or not.

The goal is to create a world-class SPLW concentration within the Rice University Sport Management program that will develop strong legal understanding, heighten visibility, enhance opportunities and expose students nationally and internationally. The SPLW concentration is for all Sport Management majors interested in sport law, law, or any related areas.

The SPLW concentration:

  • Provides a more concrete area of legal focus
  • Applies across all areas of sport management
  • Makes students more equipped to work in any area
  • Is beneficial regardless of what you do in the industry

The course opportunities within the SPLW concentration include:

  • ECON 239: Law and Economics
  • HUMA 309: Argumentation & Debate
  • HUMA 315: Communication Law
  • PHIL 316: Philosophy of Law
  • POLI 321: American Constitutional Law
  • SMGT 350: Sport Ethics (required)
  • SMGT 365: Sport Mediation
  • SMGT 464: Advanced Sport Law
  • SOCI 325: Sociology of Law
  • SOSC 405: Law Practicum
  • SOSC 406: Judicial Practicum