Three Sport Management Students Will Study Abroad This Spring in London as Part of Global Urban Lab

Three Sport Management Students Will Study Abroad This Spring in London as Part of Global Urban Lab

Three students majoring in Sport Management, Andres Diego ’17, Summer Roberson ’17, and Kyley Reed ‘16 have chosen to spend the upcoming spring semester in London as a part of the Global Urban Lab (GUL) program.

The Global Urban Lab, which is a part of Rice’s School of Social Sciences GATEWAYprogram, aims to bridge the gaps between our world’s largest cities, by sending students abroad in hopes that they explore these differences and return with a better understanding of our global community.

The GUL semester in London allows students to participate in an internship, take Rice courses, as well as conduct a semester-long comparative research of London and Istanbul. They can choose from different topics that look at the challenges and potential opportunities of global cities. Diego, Roberson, and Reed will spend their spring break in Istanbul, where there will be opportunities for meetings and conferences with local experts in order to complement the research they have acquired on their own.

“I have always been attracted to the idea of studying abroad, so I'm thrilled that I finally have the opportunity to do it,” Reed said. “I think the research project as part of Global Urban Lab will drive immersion, thought, hard work, and authenticity. Overall, I see the Global Urban Lab Program as a huge opportunity academically, professionally, and personally, and I can't wait to begin in January.”

Kyley Reed

By the end of the semester, each student must write a 10-page factual paper that will be published through the Rice University Kinder Institute for Urban Research.

Summer Roberson

“My goal for attending the Global Urban Lab will be to understand the diversity and characteristics of different major urban centers,” Roberson said. “The program will allow me to establish and build a repertoire of ideas that I could later use to advance my community. Houston, London, and Istanbul are each major cities with unique aspects. I am looking forward to learning how the subtlest of differences between the three cities influences policy decisions.”

Diego, who spent the Fall 2015 semester studying abroad in Brazil, will be utilizing the program to enhance his network with Major League Soccer franchises and agencies.

“This is a very effective and strategic step to achieving my career goals,” Diego said. “Creating a professional network in London will be very important for me. By effectively creating relationships in three countries [U.S., Brazil, England], and acquiring substantial knowledge of the MLS profession, I will have a very competitive edge leading into the business.”

Enrique Walsh ’17 participated in the Global Urban Lab program during the Spring 2015 semester. Walsh, a native of El Salvador, relished the opportunity to embed himself into the European culture.

“While my stay, I traveled to Dublin, the Cliffs of Moher, Amsterdam, Brussels, Stonehenge, Milan, Rome, Paris, Lyon, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Italy and Istanbul,” Walsh said. “My trips to these places were unbelievable. Spending a week in Istanbul was one of the most fascinating experiences I’ve ever had. The brilliant mixes of different religions, technology, and nightlife created a phenomenal environment to learn from. The entire experience will more than satisfy the goals of the new students participating in the program.”

Andi Bawcum, a senior from Paris, Texas, is majoring in Sport Management. Michael Warren Jr., a senior, from Frankston, Texas, is majoring in Sport Management.