Sport Management students gain industry insight by shadowing professionals

Sport Management students gain industry insight by shadowing professionals

This fall semester, students in the Sport Management Practicum (SMGT 276) class, taught by Tom Stallings, had the chance to shadow professionals in their industry of interest and gain valuable experience.

In the Practicum class, students are required to reach out to professionals and shadow them for one day to learn about their daily work and the requirements for the job. Students are able to obtain advice from the professionals for shaping their own career paths and the skills to be successful in that particular industry. After one day of shadowing, each student completes the assignment with an in-class presentation where the student shares the experience and advice that they have received with the rest of the class.

“The shadowing of an industry professional is a great experience and opportunity for the students,” said Stallings. “Students not only get a chance to gather information about the job and the industry, which is important when they are trying to find an internship for the summer, but are also able to build a network with a potential employer.”

The students of the Practicum class have also emphasized the value that the shadow experience provides.

“The opportunity to shadow Frank Arnold, the senior manager of operations of the Dynamo, gave me the chance to see the efforts that make a MLS playoff game run smoothly and an enjoyable experience for the fans,” said junior Britton Cartwright. “In addition, this experience gave me the opportunity to network with people inside the Dynamo organization and to learn more about internship opportunities for the future.”

“My shadowing experience was very helpful because I was able to observe what the professional does on a day-to-day basis,” said junior Paul Porras. “I will definitely try to gain more shadowing experience in the future to find the right career path for me.”

Although the Practicum class already gives its students insight into a variety of jobs and industries, the Sport Management department is trying to expand opportunities for its students.

“We are trying to build a stronger relationship with the Center for Career Development on campus,” said Stallings. “By incorporating their resources, we will be able to not only offer our students a broader variety of experiences but also services that aim to balance their person life objectives with their career goals.”

Students currently in the Sport Management Practicum class shadowed the following professionals:

Britton Cartwright shadowed Frank Arnold, senior manager of operations at the Dynamo.

Olivia Williams shadowed Cindy Stinger at the United States Olympic Committee.

MJ Sam shadowed the athletic director at Kinkaid High School.

Paul Porras shadowed Carrie Potter at the Carrie Potter Group.

Michael Nuesslein ‘13, from Bad Waldsee, Germany, is majoring in Sport Management.