RUSBA to Host “Labor Issue in Sports” Discussion

RUSBA to Host “Labor Issue in Sports” Discussion

The world of sports is in a time of major change – from conference realignments to lockouts, from collective bargaining agreements to improper benefits, the landscape of college and professional sports is being fundamental altered by business models and legal arguments.

To help understand this seismic change in labor relations, Rice University Sports Business Alliance (RUSBA) has teamed up with leading experts in the field to produce “Labor Issues in Sports: A Discussion with Experts in the Industry”. This forum will allow Rice students to engage in a discussion with the industry experts to answer current labor questions: Why is the NBA currently engaged in its lockout? How was the NFL able to avoid the NBA’s fate? Should college athletes receive compensation, especially those whose number appears on merchandise?

“This has been a critical year with the NCAA, NBA, and NFL being in the spotlight for collegiate scandals and lockouts in the NBA and NFL,” noted RUSBA President Omar Castillo. At the forefront of the all of these issues is the problem facing all businesses – the struggle between labor and corporate heads, or in this case, between players and ownership.

RUSBA has assembled an all-star cast the help students better comprehend the current labor issues. Several key speakers will be at the discussion, including:

  • Russ Granik, former Deputy Commissioner for the NBA; current ESPN NBA business analyst
  • Jeff Nalley, CEO of Houston-based sports agency Select Sports Group
  • Adelqui Boue, Executive VP/General Counsel of International Sports Agency
  • Brian Cooper, Business and Finance Officer of Rice Athletics
  • Martin Levy, Professor of Law at Thurgood Marshall School of Law

The groups wealth of experience and diverse backgrounds look to create a broad and expansive picture. As Castillo said, “Our students and faculty have the ability to hear firsthand the ins and outs of what is going on.”

The event is open to all Rice students, both graduate and undergraduate, and will take place on Tuesday, October 18th in Keck Hall, Room 100.

Garrett Roland is a junior from Walnut Creek, CA double majoring in Economics and Sports Management with a minor in Business.