Rice University is Ranked #5 by Niche.com on "Best Colleges" List

Rice University is Ranked #5 by Niche.com on "Best Colleges" List

Rice University has maintained its status as one of the best schools in the country in Niche.com’s latest rankings. The Houston-based private school is ranked #5, ahead of every other school in its state.

There are a total of 10 factors that are considered into Niche’s ranking system. The four top weighted factors are in order as follows: Academics Grade, Value Grade, Professors Grade and Student Surveys on Overall Experience. Rice earned an A+ in the first three categories and a 4.4 out of 5 for the student survey section.

“I feel like I’m getting a great education and the best services in one of the biggest cities in the United States,” D.J. Green ’17, Sport Management major said. “The people at Rice help make it so special.”

The only other Universities to outrank Rice were: (1) Stanford University, (2) Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (3) Yale University, and (4) Harvard University. Rice outscored all but two Ivy League schools in the rankings.

“Rice is known for its combination of academics, campus, and location.” Sarah Williamson ’17, French Studies major said. “Rice is next to the Texas Medical Center, professional sports teams, and countless other opportunities.”

Students in front of Willy's Statue

Students are able to interact with professors and utilize resources that enable and provide them to be the best they can be. These outstanding features place Rice in the best light possible to show what a Rice education truly entails.

“Rice has been fantastic in the breadth of fields that I’ve been able to be involved in,” says Junior Will Letchinger. “Rarely does a university allow such diverse activities for students to be involved and excel in. The university community fosters learning and enables experience in a truly unique way.”

Rice values education and preparation for the future, for progress. Success at Rice translates into success for the rest of your life and a positive impact on others.

“There is a certain spirit that pervades Rice University,” says Freshman Marissa Topolski. “It is an unwavering belief that students at Rice have the capability to change the world for the better. Students are challenged to discover opportunities that will positively impact future generations.”

Peter Godber, a junior from Toronto, Canada, is double-majoring in Sport Management and Kinesiology. Scott Filip, a junior from Chicago, Illinois, is majoring in Sport Management.