Rice University is Ranked #18 in U.S. News & World Reports

Rice University is Ranked #18 in U.S. News & World Reports

Rice University is ranked #18 in the U.S. News & World Report's prestigious “Best Colleges” guidebook. This marks the 28th consecutive year, that Rice has appeared in the top 20 of the national rankings.

Rice is a Houston-based liberal arts university which is especially revered for its undergraduate curriculum and teaching. Known for its beautiful campus filled with pine trees, location in the Medical Center of Houston, and residential college system that many compare to the “Harry Potter” series, Rice is home to some 4,000 undergraduates who study across a wide range of academic disciplines and come from an even wider range of backgrounds. In fact, with 17 percent of students receiving Pell Grants, Rice is ranked 8th in the nation in terms of economic diversity. Also, international students make up 12 percent of the undergraduate population. In addition, Rice's tuition is considerably lower than many other top tier institutions and lands the university as the 14th best value in the Unites States.

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“Rice has been worth it for me because I have been able to uniquely shape my education,” says senior Maddie Flores, who plans to attend medical school after graduation. “The flexibility in the curriculum has allowed me to pursue my goals in the most tangible way possible.”

Although Rice students are subject to academic rigor and countless hours of studying, the university always puts the majority of its resources to improving its students lives, and these efforts have led it to be ranked 1st for best quality of life and 9th for happiest students amongst U.S. schools.

“While everyday academic life can be stressful, Rice does a great job of maintaining a strong support system,” says senior Ben Schulze. “From the adult team at the residential colleges to events making sure that students get adequate time to be socially and culturally involved. Rice keeps all aspects of student well-being in mind.”

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Neel Ahuja, a senior from Corpus Christi, Texas, is majoring in Economics and Sport Management.