Rice Sport Management Students Excelled at Summer Internships

Rice Sport Management Students Excelled at Summer Internships

Rice University's Department of Sport Management has a unique philosophy for the development of its students. Students majoring in the subject are required to perform at least two internships for academic credit. The approach is far different from the typical classroom curriculum, and the students value the opportunities.

This past summer a multitude of students interned at a variety of sport industry businesses. The list is clear evidence that the students are buying into the philosophy.

SMGT Student Organization Internship Position
Perry Goldstein Aspire Group Strategic Consulting and Research
Nick Fleder Assist Sports Player Research, Scouting & Analytics
Lindsey Hodge BB&T Atlanta Open Operations
Sam Levy Beverly Hills Sports Council Athlete Services and Marketing
Griffin Lee BGSE Marketing
Cali Roper BSX Athletics Marketing and Social Media
Kevin Mohanram University of California Athletics Sales and Development
Kristie Yit Carrie Potter Group Athlete Services
Denzel Davis Central Florida Athletics Sales
Paine Matiscik GoShow (startup sports app) Business Development
Jason Petro Horizon Media Search Engine Marketing
Breion Allen Houston Astros Media Relations
Colton Torrance Houston Dynamo Partnership Activation
Travis Stockbridge Houston Rockets Basketball Operations
Sergio Santamaria Houston Rockets Basketball Operations Draft Preparation
Dillon Chai Houston Rockets Marketing Strategy
DJ Green insidetheleague.com Research
Alex Lyons insidetheleague.com Research
Mario Carmona Insperity Champions Tour Open Social Media
Adrian Jones Legacy Agency Athlete Marketing and Services
Megan Palmer NRG Stadium Accounting
James Lee PGA Tour Tournament Business Affairs
Kyley Reed Prose Media Editorial
Zach Wright "R" Association Project Management
Aston Walter Rice University Athletics Football Operations
Elena Gumbs Rice University Athletics Basketball Operations
Zach Yablon Rice University Athletics Marketing
Tabari McGaskey Rice University Athletics Business Strategy
Amalya Lewinson Spurs Sports & Entertainment Human Resources
Christian Villescas Saucony Design
Jowan Davis SHF Enterprises Equestrian Management
Ryan Pollard SMG Operations at NRG Park
Travis Guzzardo Ticket Experience Data & Analytics

Rice student and professor

The internships provide the opportunity for students to develop professional relationships and skills applicable to their desired industry. Year after year several students graduate and are hired because of the experience they secured during their college years. Multiple students consistently have been hired by top leading sports businesses such as Nike, the Houston Rockets, the Houston Astros, and several other top organizations.

The Legacy Agency, in New York City, provided senior Adrian Jones '16 with a knowledgeable experience.

“I enjoyed my experience greatly, and the office had an energizing environment,” Jones said. “I worked with many people on a variety of interesting assignments. The main thing I learned was that anything can happen at any moment, and you must be able to adapt efficiently.”

Lindsey Hodge '18, earned a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most prominent tennis tournaments nationally.

“The BB&T Atlanta Open committee provided me the opportunity to have hands-on experience with the production of the tournament,” Hodge said. “It was a very fulfilling experience to witness firsthand the effort and planning that creates such a brilliant event. I encourage younger students to try a variety of career paths that coincide with their natural talents. It’s very important to be genuinely interested in your chosen industry.”

The internships have gained the attention from prominent sports cities nationally. Sport Management professor Tom Stallings believes that cultivated relationships have benefited his students significantly.

"Rice is a school that attracts students from all across the United States and the world,” Stallings said. “We have invested great amounts of time developing relationships throughout the nation, which has helped our students acquire internships at numerous important sites.”

Students utilized those relationship this past summer, securing internships in New York, Boston, Atlanta, Orlando, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

“Expanding our options geographically enables students to obtain competitive internships in a variety of chosen segments in the sports industry,” Stallings said. “The department’s investment allows them to get the functional experience in the type of job they will be seeking in the future.”

As the department continues to expand and enrich its students with such effective experiences, the popular, yet competitive, sports industry continues to recognize the potential and profound abilities of Rice Sport Management students.

Michael Warren, a senior from Frankston, TX, is majoring in Sport Management.