Newly renovated Tudor Field House opens

Newly renovated Tudor Field House opens

Following a $21 million renovation, Tudor Field House has officially opened on the Rice University campus. The Field House will host the Rice basketball games and is also home to the Sport Management Program.

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“When I got here (June 2006) I felt like we needed to address the facility in a hurry. It was horrific,” Director of Athletics Chris DelConte told the Houston Chronicle. “If you are recruiting the finest students to come to campus and major in chemistry, you’re going to have to have the finest facilities in order to get that student. It’s the same for athletics. It was a dilapidated building, so we looked at it and said, ‘What can we do?’”

Sport Management faculty members Tom Stallings and Dr. Jimmy Disch attended the VIP dinner on Nov. 7 where they were able to get a early look at the building.

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"The facility is really outstanding. All of the major donors were basketball letter winners," Disch said. "They were all promised a new facility when they were recruited - they just were not told they would have to fund it!"