Michael Kidd '17 Hired by Rice's Baseball Team

Michael Kidd '17 Hired by Rice's Baseball Team

Michael Kidd '17 stepped onto the Rice University campus in the Fall of 2013 as a determined incoming freshman. Shortly after arriving in Houston, Kidd read where Rice’s varsity baseball team was looking for a student manager. He eagerly applied for the position and soon found himself working with the team. He held that position until he graduated May of 2017 with a degree in Sport Management.

M. Kidd

Now, as the full-time Equipment and Video Specialist for the Rice baseball team, Kidd is right where he belongs.

“This was the job I was looking forward to after graduating,” said Kidd. “Coach (Wayne) Graham wanted to bring me back here and it’s been a blessing so far.”

As a fixture on the staff, Kidd no longer has to worry about juggling schoolwork and the duties of the position. However, he admits that he must learn how to continue his already established relationships with some of the players while at the same time maintaining his professionalism.

“I love being on the road with the guys,” Kidd said. “I am only 22 years old which not much older than the actual players. So I still have to find that balance between hanging out with the guys that I’ve known for years and being a staff member.”

Kidd is ecstatic to be back with the team and he won’t have it any other way.

“It’s great and I love this place,” Kidd said. “It’s really good to be back and help the program from top to bottom.”

Being a part of Rice Baseball throughout his college years was already a once in a lifetime opportunity. Now, Kidd gets to look forward to being a part of the Rice baseball team for years to come.

Ricardo Salinas, a senior from Houston, Texas, is majoring in Sport Management.