Meet Music World Intern and Rice Student: Jarvis Sam

Meet Music World Intern and Rice Student: Jarvis Sam

As you walk around the campus of Rice University, you may have the privilege to see Rice’s own best dressed man and current Music World intern: Jarvis Sam.

From the moment you see him you can understand that he is about showbiz and all that it entails, from the music itself to the marketing that brings music to the masses.

Sam has taken the old adage of “dressing for the job you want” to heart, dressing like the sports and entertainment lawyer he one day wants to be. However, for now Sam is preparing for that life with his current internship at Music World. After speaking to Sam, it became very easily apparent that he is passionate about his position. He currently holds quite a lot of responsibility making sure that artists are going to the shows they need to go to while also working with media networks such as BET, ABC, and NBC to create marketing spots and opportunities for Music World artists.

However, this position did not just drop into his hands. Sam had to work hard to get to his current position. When he first applied and got the call back for the internship, Sam was interviewing for an entry level internship working with the project manager doing some of the normal busy work while also learning much about the industry. After only three months at this position Sam’s hard work paid off landing him the position he is in today as an Operations Assistant. Jarvis said that his days are, “extremely busy ranging from contacting various artists to working with media outlets to market our artists.”

With this kind of determination and job experience Jarvis’ life goals are becoming more and more attainable.

Tanyan Farley, a sophomore from Arvada, Colorado, is majoring in Sport Management and Managerial Studies.