Lucas Ogden-Davis ’06 Opens CrossFit Gym in St. Petersburg

Lucas Ogden-Davis ’06 Opens CrossFit Gym in St. Petersburg

Lucas Ogden-Davis ‘06, a Rice graduate who majored in Sport Management and English, has just recently opened up his own CrossFit gym in the St. Petersburg, Florida area.

Ogden-Davis, who was born and raised in East Texas (Marshall), came to Rice in 2002 and was an active member on the club rugby team as well heavily involved in his residential college (Jones). After graduating, Lucas spent a couple years working different jobs in the Houston and Boston areas until he moved to St. Petersburg last year with his fiancé who had a a job offer in the area.

Lucas Ogden-Davis

During a recent trip to China with his family, Ogden-Davis noticed the need for a fitness system like CrossFit that utilized one’s own body. Using less equipment and more cardiovascular stimulation through the human body’s own weight, Ogden-Davis found his inspiration to start his own CrossFit gym back home in the states.

“I have always been sort of a fitness guru," Ogden-Davis said. "I’ve been able to lift lots of weight despite not being super athletically gifted.”

Ogden-Davis’ plan for the future of his gym is bright. He plans on moving to a much larger facility with more upgraded equipment in the coming months as well as growing the gym’s membership population.

When asked why he decided to start a CrossFit gym Ogden-Davis responded by saying that, “I love what I’m doing right now. I have flexible but busy hours that challenge me both physically and mentally.”

Ogden-Davis attributes much of his recent success to what he was taught while at Rice, specifically in the Sport Management Program.

“The real difference maker for me was the internships," Ogden-Davis said. "I gained a lot of real world business and analytical skills while perusing possible career paths.”

Christian Fletcher ’14, from Fort Worth, Texas, is majoring in Sport Management and Political Science.