Kristian Stengel ’21 becomes the First Rice Student to Intern for the UFC

Kristian Stengel ’21 becomes the First Rice Student to Intern for the UFC

In the Summer of 2019, Kristian Stengel ’21 became the first Rice sport management student to intern for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He was responsible for prospecting, cold outreach, assistance in building proposals, as well as asset ideation and brainstorming sessions.

“I began to realize the UFC was doing something that no other sport leagues were doing” said Stengel. “I decided that this is where I need to be – I needed to figure out what is going on.”

Kristian Stengel '21 interns with UFC

The UFC is the fastest growing organization and is also pushing the envelope in the sports industry.

“I was surrounded by an extremely talented and driven team and also some of the best leadership I’ve ever had,” Stengel said. “On the first day, UFC President Dana White welcomed all of the new interns to UFC by hosting a Q&A in the conference room.”

The Department of Sport Management plays a huge role in the successes of its students. Their main goal is to get the students the best job possible and to expose them to different occupations to see what is the best fit.

“I am just a farm kid from Nebraska. But with the help of Rice’s Sport Management Department’s curriculum and incredible staff, I was able to gain the skill and opportunities to succeed in this industry,” Stengel said. “I can’t thank them enough.”

Dylan Silcox, a senior from Winnie, TX, is majoring in Sport Management.