Kevin Reilly ‘17, Hired by Official Fan Package

Kevin Reilly ‘17, Hired by Official Fan Package

Kevin Reilly ‘17, has accepted a job at Official Fan Package, a ticket packaging business where he interned for the past two years.

Kevin Reilly '17

As the Director of Buying Strategy, Reilly will be managing the sales and pricing of some of the teams and partners that work with Official Fan Package.

Official Fan Package was created in 2011 by two die-hard Houstonian sport fans looking to enhance the experiences of sport enthusiasts. Their mission statement is the following: “We are a sports company that specializes in creating unique experiences and game day ticket packages for fans of all ages.” They handle packages that deal with tickets, sports memorabilia, athlete meet and greets, and gift cards to sport bars and retailers.

“One of the specialties of Official Fan Packages is that we sell tickets with the option of purchasing memorabilia.” Reilly said. “When I first began two years ago, the ticket sales were mostly NFL tickets but now we sell tickets to almost all teams in basically every sports league, including preseason for NFL.”

During his time as an intern, Reilly has had many experiences that have developed him into a perfect candidate for the job. He was able to balance a rigorous schedule as a full-time student an member of Rice’s varsity golf team. He knows the business’s objectives and future direction due to his work experiences during the past two years. Reilly has also built relationships with not only the owners of the company, but specific customers out on the market, which is extremely important in the ticket sales industry.

“It’s been an amazing experience seeing the company grow so much in the time that I’ve been here,” Reilly said. “It’s been really cool being an intern and having a hand in many aspects of running a business.”

Reilly, who majored in Sport Management and minored in Business, is excited to move on to the next chapter of his life. His goal is to turn Official Fan Package into the desired destination for sport ticket packages.

“When I started, it was only my boss, another full-time guy and me. Since then, we have added four additional full-time employees.” Kevin said. “The hard work that I’ve put in during the last two years has definitely paid off and I’m looking forward to see where it takes me.”

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Mario Carmona, a junior from Mexico, is double-majoring in Mathematical Economic Analysis and Sport Management.