Joe Savery '13 Retires from Professional Baseball to Work for Avalon Advisors

Joe Savery '13 Retires from Professional Baseball to Work for Avalon Advisors

Joe Savery '13

After nine years of playing professional baseball, Joe Savery '13 has retired and accepted a job with Avalon Advisors. With the birth of his first child and his inability to secure a spot on a Major League Baseball roster, Savery made the decision to begin a new life outside of baseball.

“My son, George, was born in Sacramento, California, away from family and I was gone eight to ten days at a time, leaving my wife in a small apartment a long way from home,” Savery said. “I didn't want that for my life.”

Savery came to Rice in the fall of 2004 and left in the spring of 2007 when he was selected in the first round of the MLB draft by the Philadelphia Phillies. Even while playing professional baseball, Savery worked very hard to finish up his Rice degree, spanning over almost nine years.

“Graduating from Rice was of utmost importance,” Savery said. “I was always thinking about it and trying to find a way to get it done. In the end, having my degree allowed me to retire when I wanted to. It gave me leverage and freedom to make the decision I wanted to, not the one I had to.”

Savery, who interned with West University Baptist Church and the Houston Aeros while at Rice, used networking as a tool to get his new job with Avalon Advisors, where he now works as a financial advisor. Savery has been transitioning into his new life well.

“We are starting to get the hang of things,” stated Savery. “I've enjoyed my new life. I’ve been fortunate to accomplish a lot during my baseball career and I have peace in that.”

Lauren Hughes a senior from Ottawa, Canada, is double-majoring in Sport Management and Sociology.