Jack Turner '25 completes his internship with the College Football Playoff

Jack Turner '25 completes internship with 2024 CFP

Jack Turner ‘25 spent the fall semester interning with the 2024 College Football Playoff Host Committee. One of his final responsibilities was working the National Championship game on Jan 8, 2024, at NRG Stadium where Michigan defeated Washington 34-13.

Jack Turner '25 - Internship with CFP

Throughout the semester, Turner played a role in coordinating the Trophy Trot Running Race, supporting "Houston Loves Teachers" initiatives, and gathering information from Houston's Chambers of Commerce for a mural creation project at local high schools.

“For me, this internship was truly fulfilling as I had the opportunity to give back to my new community.” Turner said. “It was special for me to see the "Houston Loves Teachers" logo on the Jumbotron during the game and hearing 72,000 fans applauding the organization. It was very rewarding because it was a project that had spent months working on. I focused on supporting different ways to give back to teachers in our community. I was able to participate in sharing hospitality and providing resources to showcase how Houston Loves Teachers supports educators in the Houston area."

Turner has significant industry experience, which prepared him to be successful in his role. He has worked in various internships and award shows, including positions with Insidetheleague.com, Event Operations intern with Rice's football team, Ticketing Associate with New York City Football Club, Event Concierge with the New York Mets, and a member of the 50/50 raffle sales team for both the Houston Rockets and the Houston Texans. Turner has also worked five awards shows including the ESPYs, NHL Awards, and the NFL Honors.

"Jack has always been a very positive, high-energy, student who is able to multitask effectively. This allowed him to complete seven internships before even starting his junior year,” Professor in the Practice Tom Stallings said. “He certainly had enough experience to be a candidate for a role with the College Football Playoff Championship, but it is his willingness to work, his attitude, and eagerness to learn and apply himself that really makes Jack stand out. I was thrilled that Jack had the opportunity to get this internship and put in all the work this semester leading up to the national championship game."

Jack Turner '25 at 2024 CFP Championship

“On the day of the game, I was in charge of the volunteers, making sure that they knew what information to share and how to be hospitable to the 72,000 fans that were in attendance for the game,” Turner said. “During and after the game, I was available to handle with any issues that arose.”

Turner's reflection emphasizes not only the personal fulfillment derived from contributing to the community but also the tangible impact witnessed during a College Football National Championship, where the culmination of efforts were displayed on a grand scale.

“Overall, the experience of contributing to one of the major sporting events in the United States was very meaningful to me," Turner said. "This experience allowed me to work on something that I truly care about."

Sergio Rojas, a sophomore from Houston, Texas, is double-majoring in Business with a concentration in Finance and also Sport Management with a concentration in Leadership.