George Foreman III '06 Releases New Book: The Fighting Spirit

George Foreman III '06 Releases New Book: The Fighting Spirit

Former professional boxer and a son of a two-time heavyweight champion, George Foreman III ’06 is sharing his knowledge of “fighting” through his newly released book, The Fighting Spirit: The Art of Winning Your Fight.

Foreman, who majored in Sport Management while at Rice, co-wrote the book with Mary McAlary with the hope that together they could build a motivational community around fighting principles. Based upon a combination of old “Fight Laws” from Foreman’s childhood, and paired with McAlary’s 10-year struggle with multiple sclerosis, the book provides the keys every person needs to know in order to posses the fighting spirit to overcome any of life’s struggles.

“I wanted to inspire others to share their personal stories,” Foreman said. “A regular person sharing their story with others is more powerful than anything I could ever write.”

After boasting a perfect 16-0 professional boxing record, Foreman has stepped away from the ring and utilized his degree in the areas of sport management and marketing. While earning his undergraduate degree at Rice, Foreman acted as his father’s business manager and has now gone on to start his own business. He recently opened an elite gym, The Club, in Boston, from the ground up. Here, he has found much inspiration for The Fighting Spirit, which will be the first of multiple books in the “Everybody Fights” series.

“It’s the story of others who go a little further,” Foreman said. “The book is designed to show that these fight laws apply to everyone.”

The Fighting Spirit is now available online and everywhere books are sold.

Amy Czyz ’15, native of Danville, California, is majoring in Sport Management.