George Foreman III '06 Opens a Top of the Line Gym

George Foreman III '06 Opens a Top of the Line Gym

George Foreman III ’06 is opening a luxurious gym in Boston, MA, this December. The Club by George Foreman III is the gym for an “ultimate full body workout,” including boxing, free weights, cardio, personal care and nutrition.

George Foreman III

After graduating from Rice, Foreman III pursued a career in business while working for his famous father, George Foreman. However, with the sport of boxing running through his veins, it is no surprise that Foreman III took a break from the real world and boxed professionally for three years. During his time as a professional boxer, he had a perfect 16-0 record.

For Foreman III, opening his own gym is far more than a business venture. Foreman III believes his passion, boxing and business, is what inspired him to open The Club.

“Most people think entrepreneurs are only out for the money,” Foreman III said. “But as long as I can make a living and do something I love, now that is success.”

Foreman III attributes his success to his Rice education. He believed that Dr. Clark Haptonstall structured the curriculum in a way that looked at sports differently and that helped him look at business in a similar way.

“You have to look at sports and recognize that for a game to happen, all of the pieces have to work together cohesively,” Foreman III said. “Nobody is more important than the other.”

Foreman III is extremely passionate about his business, as well as helping future entrepreneurs. His advice for rising entrepreneurs demonstrates his level of passion for boxing and business.

“Fighting happens between your ears, behind your eyes; in your brain,” Foreman III said. “You have to be willing to sacrifice to make sure you stand apart from everybody else.”

Mariah Riddlesprigger ‘14, a senior from Fresno, CA, is majoring in Sport Management and Sociology, and minoring in Business.