Former Rice Sport Management Students Win Best of Show

Former Rice Sport Management Students Win Best of Show

Phantom Weight Technologies is making a splash in the baseball world. Scott Lonergan, former Rice Sport Management major and Owl pitcher, has helped develop cutting edge technology that will impact baseball training like never before. Former Rice All-American, Ryne Tacker, is credited for inventing this new “sleeve.”

In October of 2008, the idea was born. A simple play and catch session between Tacker and some other ball players was all that was needed to come up with a brilliant, yet simple idea. In January of 2009, Lonergan and Tacker decided to dive head first into making this invention become a big time product in the baseball market.

Phantom Weight Technologies has developed a weighted arm sleeve that will aid in the strengthening and development of pitcher’s arms. The possibilities are endless. Higher velocities and better arm health are only a few of the positives. This new sleeve is endorsed by Cole Hamels, Major League World Series MVP. Numerous pitching coaches and doctors, as well as other professional baseball players endorse the “sleeve.”

“More doctors and players began to be blown away by the sleeve,” Lonergan said. “We went through a lot of research.”

The “Weighted Arm Sleeve” was the 2010 Best of Show at the Dallas ABCA Convention. Phantom Weight Technologies also offers weighted forearm sleeves and calf sleeves. Each product allows the player to maximize strength safely and effectively.

Former Rice Sport Management majors and best friends have invented something that will truly change baseball training and arm strengthening. More can be seen at