Elena Schwegman '25 completes internship with the Houston Texans

Elena Schwegman

Elena Schwegman '25 internship at Texans

Elena Schwegman ‘25 interned in the Business Intelligence department with the Houston Texans throughout the team's 2024 season. Schwegman, who is double-majoring in both Sport Management and Business, worked on turning data into digestible and actionable items for organization's other departments to use.

“Working for the Texans allowed me to network with and meet a great number of people within the sports industry,” Schwegman said. “The Texans also have a program for interns that allowed us additional opportunities for professional development through seminars, Q&A sessions with leaders in the organization, and more. These sessions were valuable.”

Schwegman highlights the advantages of working an internship outside of your comfort zone as they are often also an avenue for students to expand their network of opportunities and develop intrapersonal skills within the organization.

“Although I wasn't initially certain that Business Intelligence & Analytics would be a field I would like to pursue as a full-time career, I definitely enjoyed my experience,” Schwegman said. "The knowledge and the lessons I learned in Business Intelligence/Analytics will undoubtedly benefit me in any role I take in the future.”

Schwegman also makes clear that whenever opportunities arise, students should never dismiss them right away as they have the potential to turn into something great. From here she describes the steps in the classroom that allowed her this opportunity.

“If you have interest in Business Analytics, take as many classes as you can within data management and coding.” Schwegman said. “Having an understanding of various coding languages and real experience with the creation of data projects is critical to landing this role and being successful.”

Previously, Schwegman worked as a Recruiting Intern for the football teams at both Rice University and the University of Houston. In addition to working the Detroit Lions' 2022 training camp, she was also a Business Development Intern for Graphic Resource Group and a Marketing Coordinator for Skape.

“Ideally, I think I would like to work more within Football Operations,” Schwegman said. “However, the skills I have gained in data management in terms of player information on the side of the business will be very useful throughout my intended career!”

Sergio Rojas, a sophomore from Houston, Texas, is double-majoring in Business with a concentration in Finance and also Sport Management with a concentration in Leadership.