Elena Gumbs '16 promoted to Field Experience Specialist at Under Armour

Elena Gumbs '16 promoted to Field Experience Specialist at Under Armour

Now in her fourth year working at Under Armour, Elena Gumbs '16 has moved into the role of Field Experience Specialist.

Elena Gumbs '16 Promoted to Field Experience Specialist at UA

Gumbs began her journey at Under Armour as a Brand Ambassador immediately following her graduation from Rice where she worked in merchandising as part of the Dallas-Fort Worth team. Gumbs would learn what the Under Armour corporation expected from the stores that sold its merchandise and would make plans to meet corporate expectations for each of the 10-15 stores she oversaw.

“My main job was to implement corporate standards,” Gumbs said. “I was responsible for the sales results of those accounts, so I would partner with staff and management at those stores to train everyone on what corporate wanted to see.”

Now, Gumbs’ new title is Field Experience Specialist. She works on the Under Armour North America marketing team, specifically in the north Houston area. There are around 30 people across the United States in different high volume Under Armour areas that serve in the same role as Gumbs.

Her work consists of 3 phases:

  1. Product training on whole sale accounts, which consists of going to sporting stores and training employees on Under Armour products
  2. Consumer and competitive insights, which involves asking consumers why they like certain brands over Under Armour or why consumers liked Under Armour
  3. Community activations, which requires partnering with events in Houston to bring brand awareness to Under Armour at a more grass roots level

While Gumbs enjoys her new job, she has some extra initiatives she would like to incorporate into her work at Under Armour.

“In the future, I want to continue to work with Under Armour on growing the women’s basketball game,” Gumbs said. “I want to better market to those consumers.”

Elena Gumbs '16 promoted to Field Experience Specialist at UA

A former member of Rice’s women’s basketball team, Gumbs cited her coursework at Rice as huge benefit in her new role.

“The classes and coursework in Sport Management were very beneficial to what I do now,” Gumbs said. “The multiple presentations that we did in class gave me the experience I needed when I started at Under Armour. I was much more comfortable in front of a crowd than my co-workers.”

When asked about advice for Rice students who are considering a career like hers, Gumbs said it’s important to put your best effort into your classes.

“Take coursework seriously,” Gumbs said. “It will help you in your perspective job field.”

Additionally, Gumbs reminds us not to settle, and to work hard for what we want. “If you put your mind to something, you can get it.”

Jen Spell, a sophomore from Birmingham, Alabama, is double-majoring in Sport Management and Kinesiology.