Britany Williams: From Rice U. to Under Armour

Britany Williams: From Rice U. to Under Armour

“Since my junior year, my dream has been to work at Under Armour and I am living that dream.”

Meet Britany Williams, a graduate from the Rice University Sport Management Program. Since graduating from Rice University in the spring of 2010, she has been working for Under Armour at their headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. She is the Key Account Sales Coordinator and she oversees the inventory of many of the top accounts at Under Armour. This involves managing accounts by communicating with the sales team and clients, while monitoring the placement and delivery of orders throughout the entire process.

She typically works between 45-48 hours a week, exceeding the minimum of 40 hours per week. Weekends are a time where Britany likes to accomplish small things that will help her stay ahead. She also likes to attend Under Armour events and volunteer opportunities, immersing herself with her fellow employees, while giving back to both the community and the company.

To describe the office atmosphere, Britany mentions that employees wear jeans and shirts to work and are outgoing, high energy and contagiously competitive. The company is full of people driven to succeed and she emphasizes that the passion of the employees as well as the brand of Under Armour makes her love the work she does.

During her undergraduate time, Britany worked as an intern at Under Armour in 2009 and 2010 and was part of an initiative, the new women’s yoga line, which continues to grow. Selection for the position took place after her application online. In hindsight, she believes that the real world experiences provided by this internship and the Sports Management classes helped her when she applied for a full time position. Specifically, Professor Tom Stallings’ Sales class gave her the experience in customer service necessary for her current position.

Her advice to current seniors and future job-seekers is to meet people, ask questions and to be confident in strengths and work on weaknesses. “Don’t be afraid to go for your dream job, but don’t be down on yourself if you have to settle for something else. You can learn and grow in any job—it is what you make of it.”

Britany is living her dream working for Under Armour and her personal goal is to grow with the company as well. She is learning about the industry, meeting people, and giving back to the company. From the Sports Management program, we wish Britany the best of luck with her career at Under Armour!

Stephen Noh, a senior from Katy, Texas, is majoring in Economics and Sports Management and minoring in Business.