Breion Winston ’16 Launches HERRway Clothing Line

Breion Winston ’16 Launches HERRway Clothing Line

Breion (Allen) Winston ’16 has released her own clothing line, HERRway, to support her love for sport, an active lifestyle, and body positivity.

Breion Winston '16 launches HERRway Clothing Line

“I began this clothing line to fulfill a passion that I had suppressed because I was afraid to step out of my comfort zone,” Winston said. “Having my son was my catapult into leaping into this space. But my passion for activewear started when I was a young girl. I played basketball all of my life and early on I fell in love with workout clothes.”

Winston not only wants to provide clothes for people of all shapes and sizes, she also wants to promote body positivity in the world. By advertising her clothing on people with different body types, she shows that she is catering to all females who want to take a leap and step out of their comfort zones, just like she did in releasing this clothing line.

“I want HERRway to create a bridge between activewear and fashion while including all types of women,” Winston said. “We preach at HERRway for women to be comfortable in their own skin and to live authentically, while also encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zone.”

Winston, a Sport Management major with an emphasis in Sociology, was a member of the Rice women’s basketball team and earned a spot on the Conference USA Commissioner’s Honor Roll every year. She recently married her longtime boyfriend, Jameis Winston, a quarterback with the New Orleans Saints.

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Luis Perales, a junior from Dallas, Texas, is double-majoring in Sport Management and Economics.