Ben Jedlovec '08 hired by Baseball Info Solutions

Ben Jedlovec '08 hired by Baseball Info Solutions

Ben Jedlovec '08, who double majored in Sport Management and Statistics at Rice University, has been hired as a Research Analyst at Baseball Info Solutions.

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Baseball Info Solutions collects detailed data from all major and minor league games each day. BIS clients include roughly half of major league teams, sports agents, fantasy baseball services, baseball card publishers, computer game developers, and leading sabermetrics websites such as The Hardball Times ( and Fangraphs (

John Dewan, the owner of Baseball Info Solutions, has been on the cutting edge of baseball analytics for over two decades. Dewan and Bill James, the legendary father of sabermetrics and Senior Baseball Operations Advisor for the Boston Red Sox, have teamed up to publish the annual Bill James Handbooks (November publication) and the Bill James Gold Mine of statistical "nuggets," released each Spring. Dewan's Plus/Minus system, as presented in The Fielding Bible, has become the new standard for defensive evaluation.

Jedlovec's primary responsibility will be to conduct research for Dewan’s various projects, including the Spring publications of the Bill James Goldmine and The Fielding Bible-Volume II. He will also be integrated into other BIS projects.