Annie Kadota and Collin Shurbet help the Dynamo prepare for the opening of BBVA Compass Stadium

Annie Kadota and Collin Shurbet help the Dynamo prepare for the opening of BBVA Compass Stadium

With the Dynamo stadium set to open its new stadium on May 12, 2012, Sport Management students Annie Kadota ‘12 and Collin Shurbet ‘12 are hard at work at their internships in the Marketing and Sponsorship Client Services departments, respectively.

Kadota, a former soccer player for the Owls, is happy to be back with the Dynamo after her last internship with the club in 2008. Her new position with the Marketing department includes tasks such as outreach projects, communicating with local schools and stadium tours. “With the launch of the new stadium less than two months away, there is a lot to be done in terms of marketing it to the public.” Kadota said.

Sherbet, a member of the Owls Track team, also sees the opening of the new stadium as a great opportunity to get a broader experience with the Dynamo. Working the Client Services department, Collin spends most of his days tracking impressions that their clients are receiving in the media. “It is awesome to be able to come to a meeting with one of our clients and show them how many thousands of people are following them on social media or something we e-blasted out.” Sherbet said.

While Kadota and Sherbet work in differing fields for the Dynamo club, they both emphasize the amount of independence and hands on work that their internships have entailed. For Sherbet this means throwing out creative ideas and being able to interact with all of the Dynamo’s clients. “I have met some really great people,” Sherbet said. “It's great to be able to sit down with the clients and look through contracts.”

Playing a major role in an internship position has many rewards for Kadota as well. “I am learning a lot in this internship that I can't learn in class,” Kadota said. “This includes learning new marketing strategies, time management skills, and how to interact in a professional environment.”

While their jobs have kept them busy with the opening of the new stadium right around the corner, it is not without its perks. Sherbet and Kadota were able to visit the construction site of the stadium and get a sneak peak of what is soon to be revealed.

Alison Godbe, a senior from Mission Viejo, California, is majoring in psychology and minoring in business.