Amy Czyz '15 Donates One World Futbols to Romania

Amy Czyz '15 Donates One World Futbols to Romania

Amy Czyz ’15 Donates One World Futbols to Romania

Amy Czyz ’15, a current Rice University Sport Management major, has made a significant impact in the lives of many children, specifically in Romania. In early spring, Amy decided to work with One World Football in donating soccer balls to children in need.

Amy is the starting goalie for the Rice women’s Soccer soccer team and as one could imagine, her passion for the game helped her get involved with this foundation.

“One World Futbol is an awesome project that I have a very strong personal passion for and feel so blessed that I got to be a part of it and witness its effects firsthand,” Czyz said. “Going to Romania was one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had. Being able to give them the indestructible soccer balls was a whole other experience knowing I had put my own sweat and work to provide them.”

Czyz showed the video to Rice soccer alumni, family and friends in order to create awareness for the organization. The response she received was great. To raise money for the soccer balls, Czyz set up a system involving the Rice’s women’s soccer team. For every shutout that Rice recorded, each individual person that agreed to participate donated $5. The project was named the “Shutout Club.”

By the end of the season Amy had raised $1500 and donated the money to buying One World Futbol’s indestructible balls. Czyz was going on a mission trip to Romania at the time, and decided to bring the balls with her to Turgu Mures. She then gave the soccer balls to children in the Livada Orphanage.

Amy’s project was a major hit, and her desire to help give back to kids in need resulted in a successful project, benefiting children all the way to Romania.

Ford Stainback ‘15, a junior from Dallas, Texas, is majoring in Sport Management.

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