Alexa Davidson ’19 Hired by the Houston Marathon Committee

Alexa Davidson ’19 Hired by the Houston Marathon Committee

Alexa Davidson '19 Hired at Houston Marathon

Alexa Davidson ‘19, who double-majored in Sport Management and Managerial Studies with a minor in Business, was hired by Houston Marathon Committee as the Marketing and Business Development Coordinator shortly after her graduation.

In her new position, Davidson is responsible for developing the organization’s marketing content strategy and implementing it across all digital channels including website, newsletters, and social media. She also in involved in sponsor relationship management and procurement.

Each year, the Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Houston Half Marathon reach a maximum capacity of 27,000 runners making it one of the largest running events in the United States. There are also 6,000 runners in the event's 5K race.

Davidson credited Professor in the Practice Tom Stallings for helping her attain this position as it was him who presented her with the interview opportunity with the Houston Marathon.

“It was a pleasant surprise,” Davidson said. “I interviewed for a position in Venue Operations and was later hired for the Marketing and Business Development position.”

Erin Haney ’18 was another Rice alumni who previously had multiple roles within the Houston Marathon organization. Davidson claimed that learning about Haney’s experience inspired her to work with the Houston Marathon.

“My favorite part of the job is being back in a small and intimate group where there are only 12 members,” Davidson said. “Each person doesn’t just have one role. I was hired to be the Marketing and Business Development Coordinator, but now I work Merchandise and Sponsorship as well. These responsibilities create more things to add on the resume and set me up to be successful.”

Frank Fu, a junior from Beijing, China, is double-majoring in Sport Management and Visual and Dramatic Arts.